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want to Learn how to take perfect phOTOS. so you are at the right place .

Nowadays photography is a career where most of the peoples are interested but they didn’t know how to take a perfect picture.  Photowalo helps you to take a perfect photos. Photography is very easy  to pronounce but hard to click a perfect picture. There is nothing easy you have to work hard for everything . While clicking pictures keep some important things  in your mind light, camera settings, compositions.

1. camera accessories

we will provide the list of best budget accessories for beginner, advanced and professional photographer. 
creative photography ideas

2. Interviews

We also provide interviews with the master photographer. They will share their experience with you.
photography tips

3. Creative Ideas

we also provide creative photography ideas through which you can enhance your  photography.

Learn how to take perfect photos with Master Photographer Sudhir Shivam

This is a video which is made by the most famous wildlife photographer Mr Sudhir Shivam. In this video the told everything in detailed. 

– Subject Knowledge / Natural History of subjects

– Fundamentals of photography

– White Balance

– Exposure Triangle Parameters of ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed

– Metering and exposure compensation

– Focusing Modes and Focusing Points

– Composition

– Understanding Lighting

– Low light photography

– How to take perfect photos

– Understanding your equipment and shooting techniques

– Digital Post Processing

If you watch this video definitely you will become a good photographer if you want to be pro-level you have to practice all these camera settings as more as you can. 

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